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The Heidelberg Project

In case you haven’t heard, The Heidelberg Project is an outdoor art environment in Detroit created with found objects, abandoned homes, nature and paint by Tyree Guyton. It is also a community organization with a mission to improve the lives of people and neighborhoods through art. Most of the homes no longer stand due to city demolition and arson, but the spirit remains.

The Heidelberg Project inspired me as a child and proved that art can be made from anything, even the destruction around you. I created a series of portraits showcasing the homes from the project (past and present). I continue to add portraits to the series in my spare time because they remind me why I started believing art can change the world.

Read more about Tyree Guyton and how you can help The Heidelberg Project here.

Dotty_Haus 2.png
Haus_O_Soul 2.png