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GoldenDent™, formerly known as Golden Dental Solutions, is a Detroit based company and the direct seller of Physics Forceps® along with several other unconventional and innovative dental products. GoldenDent™ is the result of a third-generation family dental business that began in 1936 in Detroit, Michigan. To date, the Golden family continues to run their company relying on eighty years of knowledge and experience to manufacture and design products that clinically work.

As the graphic designer at GoldenDent™, my role was to complete all creative and marketing tasks for GoldenDent™, Physics Forceps®, and Amplify Dental Training. My largest tasks included the company rebrand, transitioning from Golden Dental Solutions to GoldenDent™, as well as branding Amplify Dental Training and WagoTrix. Inspired by most dentistry companies and their traditional style, I took a new route. The new identity representing the Golden family is now modern, clean, and simple. It's the look the've been searching for all these years. From web ads, to branding, to print, to installations at dental conventions, here are a few of the projects I completed at GoldenDent™.